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If you’re looking for the best wheel and tire services in North Highlands, California, look no further than Xtreme Wheels & Tires. You can also buy the best quality tires from us at the best possible rates.
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Do you want to get new wheels for your car? We have a wide variety of wheels to choose from. We can fix your cracked or bent wheels, and suggest a replacement as well. Our team of expert technicians is ready to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. Our expert staff can repair or replace your wheels, and will work to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
At Xtreme Wheels & Tires, Sacramento, we have all the tires you need for your car. Whether you want to replace the tires on your car, or you want to buy new ones, we have you covered! Tires wear out over time and it is a good idea to get them replaced. Worn out tires are a safety hazard. Simply bring your car to us for tire service.
Lift Kits
Are you looking to install larger tires on your vehicles? Or do you like the extra visibility and ground clearance that comes with lift kits? In any case, we can install lift kits of your choice on your vehicles! Show off your offroad ride in style by having us install lift kits in your truck. Installing a lift kit can be tricky because some parts need to be replaced so always have an expert at Xtreme Wheels & Tires Sacramento take a look at them.
Your car’s brakes wear out over time, especially if you brake hard. Driving with worn-out brakes is dangerous and can lead to accidents. Let us repair or replace your brakes and get you back on the road quickly. We want you to have peace of mind when you’re driving your vehicle. Make sure you get routine brake checkups done to prevent any mishaps.
Window Tinting
Window tints provide much more than privacy in your car. UV rays from the sun are damaging for your car’s interior. Protect your privacy and your interior with our window tinting services. We apply a thin laminate layer on your car’s windows to darken them. Keep your car cool by blocking sunlight and experience comfort on a new level.
Vinyl Wraps
Protect your vehicle against scratches by using our expertly installed vinyl wraps. These wraps are a great way to enhance the look of your car while improving its looks at the same time. Vinyl wraps come in a wide variety of designs so you can make your ride as unique as possible. Come visit Xtreme Wheels & Tires and give your car a makeover with vinyl wraps.
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Here’s what our customers said about us after using services at Xtreme Wheels & Tires!
Big shoutout to Sean and everyone at Xtreme Wheels & Tires! If you need any wraps/tints or wheels on your vehicle this is definitely the place to go.
Andrew Welsh
Must say this was a great experience dealing with Sean great guy hope that if u need tires and rims you make this your choice love the service and professionalism they have here.
Clarence Shepard
Came in with a flat tire and the tech offer to check the rest of my tires and ended up needing all 4 had a inner wear on all 4 they installed new rubbers now my family and I can make this trip without a worry. Thank you guys.
Daniel Muniz
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